Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sugar Free; Wheat Free; Gluten free, Vegan; flapjack Recipe

Whisking round the supermarket I felt like I needed a sugar fix post workout.  I found myself dawdling down the 'wheat aisle'...bad move!  I knew I was off sugar and yet I needed to sort my blood sugar level out without the 'normal' options.  So I miraculously used what little energy I felt I had and came up with a recipe pronto that is Sugar Free; Wheat Free; Gluten free, Vegan with no cooking!  Note to self: THIS IS A VERY SWEET RECIPE! Therefore for occasional use only!

Prep time 5 mins

Freezer time 20 mins

Total recipe ready in 25 minutes

Ingredients needed:

1 cup Mixed dried fruit (cranberries; Cherries; Blueberries; Raisins)
2-3 cups of Gluten Free Oats
3 tbs Canadian Maple Syrup
1 pinch of Himalayan sea salt
2 tsp Arriba Nacionale Heirloom cacao
4-5 tbs Coconut oil
1 handful ground pumpkin seeds or...

1 handful of mixed ground seeds including Goji; pumpkin; Chia; lindseeds; Chia


1. Mix the oats; fruit and ground seeds in a bowl.

2. Add the salt and maple syrup. Stirring until all ingredients covered with the maple syrup.
3. Melt coconut in a bowl over the stove until liquefied and then add two teaspoons to cacao powder in a cup, mix and leave for a minute.

4. Add the rest of coconut oil to the ingredients and stir until completely mixed.

5. Put all the ingredients (apart from the cacao) into your preferred container.  Pat down with spoon.

6.Now drizzle the cacao over the top.

7. Put the container in the freezer until cooled, then serve!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Sugar Conspiracy

Most recently I decided that sugar just was not working for me and decided to just not eat it.  Well did I set out a task for myself!  Not only do most of the supermarket ingredients contain sugar or something similar (high fructose corn syrup).  The sheer addictive nature of sugar meant this was going to be a challenge.  I am now a week in, and I can honestly say there has been a few items that I have had with refined sugar (in very small quantities).  I have been totally shocked to discover the fact that refined sugar seems to be in rather a lot of items on the supermarket shelves, including the more 'healthier options'.
this contains sugar!

Not only was I shocked, I was also horrified that everything from breakfast cereal to 'wheat free' options, from chocolate to even supposedly 'healthy' snack bars contain sugar.
After the initial decision to stop eating sugar, the realization that so many products on the shelves contain this substance glares you in the face like a massive conspiracy.
Once making the decision to check every single ingredient on the back of the packet (which is laborious and time consuming) I felt liberated with my choice, yet totally baffled that some aisles in the supermarket were a total 'no go area'.  There are so many products with sugar it is quite unbelievable to think that companies and major brands get away with adding this into a product and calling them 'natural'.

How it's made refined sugar...

The addictive nature of sugar makes it easy to forget to check the ingredients and dismiss it because it tastes so good.  However, when you wake up to realize that this substance is as addictive as any other drug, you begin to question why it is so available for consumers.  Could this be a conspiracy?!
How sugar affect the brain...

High levels of sugar equals Resistance to insulin...

Why I am not interested in substitutes for sugar

Whilst there are many substitutes for sugar personally I think that weaning yourself away from it altogether is probably the best bet.  Many would argue that this is not how the body works (and would say many of our cells run on glucose which is a form of sugar).  There is a distinct difference between natural sugars and refined sugar, but if you think that most of our physical bodies need a deep cleanse then removing all sugar in the first instance may put us one step forward onto this path. 

Sugar and candida...

Withdrawal symptoms...

Eliminating a substance which could be in most of the food on your plate is quite a challenge, and even though it would be nice to think this is easy, in reality there have been side effects that happen with the elimination of sugar.  Namely irritation and tiredness.  These effects do however, pass quite easily if you reduce or eliminate sugar over a few weeks rather than going 'cold turkey'.  I guess this is just an experiment, yet it has really opened my eyes to how much the products on the shelves contain sugar, and making decisions around this addictive substance which ultimately results in gaining your own personal power and freedom of choice!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is most excellent for health and vitality. I found an excellent youtube video on the subject here:

I often oil pull with coconut oil and so far feel this is a great way to cleanse the mouth and gums. I absolutely love Biona coconut oil and I definitely recommend oil pulling.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

90% Raw 10% Miscellaneous

When your shopping basket is 90% fresh fruits and vegetables that is an achievement!  Pat yourself on the back.  The raw food is taking over and you know you are on the right track towards health.  Eating cooked food is fine, however one must remember to 'eat your greens'.  It is easy to eat fruit because most people have a sweet tooth, however did you remember the greens?  Make sure that you eat lots of vegetables if you want to get lean.
I must point out here that Chlorella plays a major in the 'greens' part and not only that but also other bitter herbs and greens which are full of nutrients - Wheat Grass; Spirulina; Klamath Lake Blue Green algae; Marinephytoplankton; Parsley; Nettle; Coriander - the list goes on.
So what about the other 10%?  Okay here it gets a bit blurry.  It could be 10% grains such as Quinoa; Amaranth; rice however it could be junk as well.
No need to be judgmental of yourself here.  This raw food takes time and the only one judging is yourself.  It takes time to wean yourself away from conventional foods and sometimes the cravings linger longer than anticipated.  That is okay!  Just add in more raw when you can and you will discover how awesome you feel the more raw you eat.

Check out Markus and Cara on YouTube:

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

How to deal with Detox

As you can imagine a build up of the 'normal' foods can often lead to a feeling of wanting to shed the junk and clean up your act.  This is when one often finds themselves wanting to detox.  The body does this very efficiently as the cells are constantly being renewed and we have organs to eliminate the toxins (skin; colon; lungs; kidneys; lymphatic system).
The body instinctively knows when to detox and it will do this with little prompting.  You may find that you just want water or that you want less junk food because of how it made you feel.  There are some methods which can help the detox process a little easier.

  • Drink water
  • Rest more
  • Skin Brush with a dry skin brush (always towards the heart)
  • If you can do some gentle yoga stretches
  • Juice
  • Eat more raw foods
  • Supplement which Chinese tonic herbs
  • Breathe deeply
At first you may be baffled by the detox and wonder if you are ill.  However, once you know that it is just a way for your body to help regain some homeostasis then you will have the ability to deal with the physical symptoms.

Everyone experiences detox differently and there is no one answer for all (maybe hydration!)

It is important to recognize that we are a formulation of our accumulated habits therefore we need to look to the withdrawal symptoms in a positive way as dealing with how the body reacts to the withdrawal of these habits and to deal with any underlying issues as to why you need to keep these habits (for example an excessive desire for sugar may mean that you have an overgrowth of candida and taking chlorella certainly helped me balance my blood sugar).

The  more you detox the cleaner you will get and the more optimal your health will become.

Remember that as humans we have an innate ability to heal if we are fully hydrated and we have optimal nutrients within our food.  Humans are meant to be fit and healthy.  However varying external factors including stress and environmental factors are something we need to address in order to regain our equilibrium.

Check out FullyRawKristina on DETOX!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Why Raw Foods Make you Feel Alive

Although not 100% raw (I am aiming towards this!), eating more raw foods is so liberating and can really make you feel alive!  A fresh salad with herbs is so refreshing to the taste buds it really can push you to another level with your thoughts and your health.  You start to become more aware of the 'other' choices which may be cooked and not so healthy for you.  All the while the raw foods totally rock!  When the salad dressing is raw also, it can really take the salad into a new taste zone (I mean there is no point in eating a salad if the dressing is highly processed).
I usually eat a salad a day unless I juice or if I am out for lunch (and then I am scanning the salad options on the menu).  It is easy to eat junk food but salad makes you feel so much better!
I absolutely love the salads that the Liferegenerator makes and Dara Dubonet so check out her channel:

My salads usually consist of tomatoes; bell peppers; lettuce; avocado; Scotch Bonnet Chilli's; lemon; cumin; Himalayan sea salt; celery; peas; parsley; coriander.

Eating raw foods seems to be such an easy option once you have incorporated more fresh fruits and veges into your lifestyle it brings so much colour and vibrancy into your lifestyle and helps you to feel more energetic.

Once you get on raw food it becomes clearer why this is the best way to eat as you move further away from the processed food because,when you eat that other stuff you can feel the effects on the physical body.

Eating raw is a commitment to helping yourself cleanse and detox from the accumulated baggage you get when you eat too many pasties!

Although raw is a journey and a lifestyle shift so this is a continuous evolution of change as the human body cleans itself to create an authentic version of itself.