Thursday, 17 April 2014

Hydration and Dewy Skin Compliments

The comment that I got at the supermarket the other day was 'very colourful'.  The lady was referring to the array of colourful fruits and vegetables that were on the conveyor belt going towards the checkout.  I was mildly amused as she remarked how nice my skin looked.  I think she wanted to know what I did differently, so I told her I was vegetarian.  You see, this stuff really works, not only do you see the difference yourself, but others start to notice as well.
I feel so happy being vegetarian - it is the guilt free option.  I don't have to feel guilty for choosing to eat fruits and vegetables, and I know that this may actually be helping the planet to thrive rather than creating more environmental destruction to create another field for cows to roam.  Plant fruit trees instead.  I have never eaten a steak and I never will.  Fact.
So keeping fresh clean skin in mind, dry skin brushing is something which helps eliminate the toxins, shifts the lymphatic system and gets rid of old skin cells (yuk!).  It really makes your skin glow if you practice this daily, and it also makes you feel good too.  It reduced cellulite (helps to break it down) and shifts the lymph as long as you brush towards the heart.
Hydration is however, the key to that plump dewy looking skin, and also plenty of time outdoors. Drinking lots of water; juices; and moisturizing can help keep the dewy complexion of the skin.  SO now you know, get on with it!

Cucumber; Celery; Lemon; Ginger & Apple Juice
That dewy look
Dry Skin Brush

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Buzz word is RAW

Over the past few years the buzz word for those in the know is 'Vegan Raw' or even just 'Raw'.  So here is the concept: A lifestyle that consists of fruits; vegetables; nuts; seeds; and possibly the following: superfoods; superherbs; medicinal mushrooms; fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut/ kombucha/ kefir and not much cooking involved in fact zero cooking.
No I didn't just speak in a different language for those who have no idea what I am talking about, and for those that do, it sounds home from home.

Why is this 'Raw' lifestyle so popular now?  Well, the raw lifestyle has probably been around a lot longer than we have, it just so happens that information about the health properties of foods and people's results on certain diet lifestyles just so happen to be much more accessible.
Multi-national corporations make buying their food cheap, easy and fashionable and not only that but have designed their meals to be addictive even if they are not healthy.  It is considered normal to eat foods which are loaded with fat, salt and sugar and the real wholefoods are considered a side option, if at all.
In today's culture, there is the choice of eating the most highly nutritious, nutrient dense foods on Mother Earth, or the most weird scientific creations, and it is all in the power of our choice.  Not even money has a say so in this lifestyle for most of the ferments you can make yourself with little to nothing, and some of the best herbs you can find out on a walk in nature for free!

When fast food is so cheap, easy and accessible and comes in a nicely prepared package it makes you wonder why we would even want to consider making something ourselves, as it is now somewhat of an art form.  
The transition to 'Raw' may be an investment, but a good one at that.  You may want to purchase additional supplements and superfoods, for the fruits and vegetables that are available may be lacking somewhat in vital minerals.  I don't mean having a multivitamin tablet either.  The main thing to recognize here is that the whole of the planet has been duped by these multi-national corporations that can get away with selling just about anything and calling it food.  We are a nation of fast food eaters and whether we like it or not we seem to conform.
What we need to establish about the food we are ingesting is the following:

  • Its ingredients
  • Its nutritional profile (how much calcium; magnesium; zinc; potassium; iron etc. does it contain) protein; carbs etc.
  • Its ability to provide electrical conductivity in the body
  • Its mineral content
  • Health benefits of the food on the physical body

This could be a challenge for the average banana, and it would be pretty laborious to count all the calories and look at the mineral content of every single thing you are eating.  This 'Raw' lifestyle is much more fun than that, and easier to understand.  If foods are living they contain electrolytes and... 

"Electrolytes are important because they are what your cells (especially nerve, heart, muscle) use to maintain voltages across their cell membranes and to carry electrical impulses (nerve impulses, muscle contractions) across themselves and to other cells." -

The basic principals of a raw food diet are that the fresher and more natural the ingredients and alive, (and not cooked) the better the foods will be for you.  I would not consider raw meat as one of the principals of a raw food diet because I consider raw foods to be predominantly vegetarian (no meat/fish/poultry but maybe some honey and possibly raw milk).  So salad it is then.  However let us not turn into rabbits here, because a raw food diet must include a hefty amount of fruits and vegetables and yet include other things to support the digestive system.  Eating predominately raw can and will detox you of a lot of accumulated baggage (waste water stored in the cells; toxicity) and you may feel better when eating raw.  I am not condoning eating cooked food, it has its place and eating a balanced diet may help you feel overall healthier but when 90% of your diet is crap and 10% is real wholefoods you may want to consider adjusting to eating more real foods if you want to see real results.

Salad with Blue Green Algae the most protein rich source on the planet

Eating raw is about taking back your power and realizing what you have been spending your money on.  It makes you think about who you are actually funding with your money and where you would like to see expansion within the supermarket.  Personally it would be a dream come true to see baby thai green coconuts at Lidl but hey ho we will see.  I may just have to move to a different country before that happens!


Monday, 14 April 2014

Convince Me to Juice

When I see yet another picture of a family eating in McDonald's it makes me hold my head in my hands.  It is cheap, accessible and comes with a quirky toy.  Sold.  Well, some of us are.  I cannot understand this mentality when it comes to food.  It is more about satiating the taste buds and keeping the kids quiet rather than nutritional properties.  
How can generations deviate away from the £1 option to keep them 'Happy' with a 'Meal'.  It probably costs more than that these days.  

Convince me to juice I can hear their minds saying, and even if they did try it, would they stick to it?  Give people a reason and they might just opt for something new.
However, if your generation fed you on processed junk then why would or should you change?
Well let's look at the difference here:

Mmmm, how can we decide?  Natural and organic vs mind buzz for several hours.  Detox vs full up feeling?  The thing we need to consider are the long term health properties of juice and how detoxing and cleansing the vital organs can actually improve our physical bodies rather than inflaming them.

Have you heard of the saying "you are what you eat" or what about "when you cook your food you kill it".  Have a think about how you would look after a week on processed junk, and a week on raw fruits and vegetables.  If the aesthetic of the brightly cardboard box pleases you more than the aesthetic of your physical body then you might just have to admit that you are hardwired on this processed junk.
Perhaps if there were more juice bars you might have more of an option, or perhaps then you might feel like a hippy.  Either way whatever you ingest does not just disappear in a day.  It accumulates in the colon and the skin.  It causes health problems, if not now, down the line.
A juice a day may keep the doctor away, if you want to take control of your health.  Otherwise keep with the cooked concoctions and see how far you get.

Billy Simmonds poses with a V sign across his chest
 Vegan athlete Billy Simmonds

"When you look at the arguments to going vegetarian or vegan, you really can't deny it's the right choice, in terms of your health, the environment and the impact you're having on others." - See more at:

Ten time Olympic medalist, Carl Lewis, proudly carries an American flag
Carl Lewis Vegan Olympic Sprinter

"I've found that a person does not need protein from meat to be a successful athlete. In fact, my best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet. Moreover, by continuing to eat a vegan diet, my weight is under control, I like the way I look. (I know that sounds vain, but all of us want to like the way we look.) I enjoy eating more, and I feel great." - See more at:

Mo Bruno-Roy

“When I moved from my parent's house in my college years, I chose to no longer eat foods that were not homemade or homegrown and luckily, I was taught how to cook very well! Meat was one of the first things to go. As I got older and more informed on the industrialization, ecological impact and animal welfare of food, I also chose to step away from all animal products and cultivate my compassion for animals and continue to educate myself as much as possible on the state of our current food supply so that I can also continue to understand the choices or lack or choices of others without judgment.” - See more at:

Friday, 4 April 2014

Taste Overrides common sense

I am not on my own here, it seems that taste over rides any evidence (i.e. ingredients) which suggest foods are bad for us.  It seems like our taste buds have got the better of us.  Do we even care what the ingredients say when the taste is so darn good?  It does not seem to matter about common sense when it looks pretty and tastes crazily good.
Even more so, people are not prepared to look at the evidence which suggests denial and a sense of being completely switched off.  Or dumbed down.  People can't see the wood for the trees or the potatoes for the MSG/Highlt processed oil which covers the truth.  I mean, would you actually just eat a potato raw?  Ouch not sure if I would!  If it is cooked on dosed with numerous chemicals that makes it fine, I mean come on everybody else is eating it so why should the average minion change their habits?
Well its personal choice, but rather than being morphed into the consumer that the supermarket WANTS you to be (whatever is on offer this week) I choose something else.  I choose to be free from ingesting this crap 99% of the time, however I do have the odd pre-programmed memory and emotional impulse every now and then.

It is so easy because this food is tasty, accessible, and cheap - what more could a consumer ask for? What about the concept that a lifetime of choosing these processed foods makes you see and know no different than what you have read.  It is like reading the newspaper and not doing any further research.  Don't believe everything you read, or see or taste!  If it looks good and tastes good is it actually good for you?  What is the evidence?  Should I just eat lettuce?  Nope - because we are talking about becoming aware and conscious about our choices that is all.  Eat all the KFC you want just be sure to do your research about the stuff first then make the choice.  After you have raised your awareness to the ingredients let your CONSCIENCE decide what is right for you to eat.  
We have no idea when it comes to food, no one answer is right for any one person, but we can be conscious and aware of our choices.  We can research.  We can be objective.  You don't have to keep making the same choice if it is making you fat.  At some point you have to stop placing the blame on the MSG and wean off of it.  Break free and choose something else.
The supermarkets may sell it, and ten out of ten for presentation, but health now that is the issue.  Looks great tastes great makes you fat - that is an issue.  Take some responsibility for the food you purchase with your own money.  Cheap and cheerful does not necessarily mean healthy.  We all know that so we need to change the habits to more healthful ones and deal with the issues behind the unhealthy choices.
Given the choice - what is that exactly?  I mean do we actually have a choice or does society morph you into that choice based on what they think is healthy - 5 a day - I eat 5 a day bananas for breakfast!
If your fat don't complain to me, it is probably your colon complaining and bloating after the crap you ingested the past 6 months is still in there.  So do yourself a favour and transition those unhelpful food choices to happy healthy ones.  Bit by bit the new choices you implement will help you to detox, unplug and re hydrate your body. 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Moods and Foods

It came to my attention that foods and moods are interrelated.  So when you feel certain emotions this can affect your actions and your impulses in your food choices.  We have to ask ourselves why do we go for crappy foods to make us feel happier?  Is it an emotional programme that has been pre-wired into our DNA?
Perhaps choosing food when we are in a mood is not the best idea. When we jump for food for so many different reasons we often want to choose foods which are not the best for us, to try to lift us from the smog of our own mental mood.  This seems like a bad cycle to get into as we choose foods which impact our mood negatively and then feel moody after we have had those foods!
Trying to get out of the habit of mental stimulus foods and moodiness is catch 22.  The more you try to cheer up and get out of the 'mood' you choose foods which are detrimental and subsequently end up with 'the mood' again!
How can we remedy this situation?  One of the positive aspects of raw foods is that it does not take much to see a major change in your physical wellbeing.  I mean if you eat enough fruit your colon will unplug and you will start remove some of the toxic crap.  This does not however, solve 'the mood'.  In this situation we have to see that food and moods are interlinked and that often we are 'masking' the real issues in our life with a momentary mental stimulus to lift the mood.  We normal folk are no different than drug addicts as food is our drug of choice.  We need to see food as a healing modality rather than a quick fix or a mood enhancer.  Food is for enjoyment, but really food is here to help get our bodies to respond and rebuild; heal; detox and eliminate so that our physical and mental well being is working at an optimum level.  If we are continually using food as mental stimulus and a quick fix to a problem then we will never get to the issue at hand.  We need to look at our issues without food and deal with those so that we are not masking the issue with our food choices.
Somewhere on the ether I can hear "but I am hungry", and my response is "hungry for what exactly?" for if you really are hungry would you eat a doughnut or a bunch of bananas?  We could say that either is a matter of choice and if it fulfills the desire and the appetite then what does it matter which one we choose?
However if you truly loved yourself is it enough to just feed yourself real foods - would you actually go beyond the mental stimulus and spaced out feeling you get from a doughnut and would you choose something which would actually do your body a favour?

It's okay as long as it feels good (and tastes good too)

You might be thinking that everything is fine as long as it tastes good but that is where these foods have got everyone hooked!  It may taste good but does it have nutritional content?  If it does have nutritional content then what exactly?  Are you eating a food which can be found in nature without any manipulation whatsoever?  If you are not, then you may say "so what I have eaten sandwiches all of my life and I am still here".  Yes, that is great you are still here but what do you look like?  Are you happy with the zits?
Eliminating the processed crap is the first step forward to changing the moods and taking back your power.  When we are consciously aware of our choices, we have more choice because the foods that once had an emotional hold over us drop away as we regain control of our impulses.  It is however, a daily process.  In every moment we have a choice as to what we are eating and some might say any food is good food.  Those with the opportunity to pick what they want have the opportunity to choose foods which are closer to nature.  Here is the evidence - for £1 I can buy a bunch of bananas or an highly processed Easter Egg.  Both will make you feel good but one is closer to nature with possibly more nutrients and more chance for the body to heal and detox.  Which one will it be - you decide.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Raw Meat WTF?

I don't claim to be an expert on anything.  I am merely adjusting myself on my journey to optimum health but I have to say... Raw meat?!  I am no neanderthal and I have been a vegetarian all of my life (however I have tried cooked meat).  I am still alive and I have tonnes of energy and I don't eat meat!  So when I hear about people eating raw meat I can 100% vouch that they have LOST THE PLOT!  Even eating meat is so boring and ancient, get with the times people!  We don't need it and if I am alive after all this time, and I look fit may I add, I am vegetarian and I wouldn't touch meat with a barge pole as they say.
So when it comes to raw meat, people have lost it completely.  We are supposed to be progressing not regressing.  These people are totally off their heads and need to wake up to the real truth which is the suffering of the planet and all her creatures including the human species.  So if you wanna be neanderthal eat raw meat.  If you want conscious expansion and growth choose vegetarian and see your compassion towards all living creatures cranked up 100%.
People are too quick to judge the vegetarians and vegans, and too easy to ditch the lifestyle after a day without really giving it a chance.  Actually this lifestyle is a conscious evolution and awakening of humanity to realize that we have all been lied to; duped; deceived; and we don't need to follow what our ancestors did to find the answers.  The answers are within ourselves.  I guarantee my ancestors may not have allowed me to NOT eat meat, so from my perspective it is the choice I have made in this lifetime.  Why create any more suffering than there already is?  I don't need it, I never have needed it and I probably never will need meat or raw meat.
What they are really feeding is their ego because these people are so frightened of loosing their muscle mass that they might look weedy again and they cannot cope with that.  I mean wtf where they eating on 100% vegan raw anyway?  Have they not heard of algaes?  The most nutrient dense; protein rich source on the planet.  People's diets are so distorted I think most of them are just making it up as they go along.
Being vegetarian is like being married, you have to remind yourself everyday that you are, not because you will cheat, but to remind yourself of how beautiful your choice is, and how much you love your choice.
Open your mind to something other than death!  Open your mind beyond meat and the destruction it creates.  I have never really said anything about my choice all of my life, although people have asked me, and now I say how dare you question me when I have accepted your death diets all of my life.  I have been implementing change and peace on earth through my daily choices, I suggest the death dieters do the same. 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Detoxing on Raw Foods

When you eat raw foods it is inevitable that the residue build up of the other toxic combinations of crap you have ingested will have to ooze out of the physical body one way or another.  So be prepared to detox.  The body can accumulate rather a lot of toxicity however, do you really want your temple to be full of crap?  Make a commitment to yourself to wean off the chemical laden foods and do yourself a favour.  Help yourself today just by saying NO.
There are so many positive effects by choosing health over the one instant mental stimulation and hours of digestion it takes (and possible weeks to eliminate) that one mouthful of fake foods.  Real foods help you to prosper and survive not plug you with fat and toxicity.
Choosing real and raw will help you to detox in many ways.  Prepare yourself incrementally by choosing more raw foods on a daily basis and watch in amazement as the skin starts breathing.  The smells might be terrible but once you start to get rid of the toxicity you will feel lighter physically and know inherently that you are doing yourself a massive favour.

One way to help support the detox is drinking lots of water, first thing on waking and during the day to make sure you stay hydrated.  Also just say no to all dairy/poultry and meat in the detox stage because these all slow down the digestion and make it harder for the body to clean itself.
Your body is actually an amazing vehicle and it knows what to do to help itself, so we can support it by choosing organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible.  Try that juice bar you walk past everyday.
Ditch the coffee and face up to the headaches until you see results.  It really is about taking back your power and your health.  Be aware that you may feel like you are doing a crash dump, but once you stop eating those foods you will see how they actually have (and still are) such an impact on your physical and mental wellbeing.

Ditching highly addictive processed crap is a choice, and a difficult one but don't blame others for your choices.  Help yourself by changing your habits.  Cheese is not helping.  Meat is not either, it is just clogging you up and making you moody.  I have been vegetarian most of  my life, no its not a competition but if I can do it so can you!  You will feel better if you allow yourself to let go of the toxicity and allow yourself to rest/sweat it out/ dare I say more?
No one can tell you exactly what to expect on a detox for the reasons behind the food choices in the first place might bring up the initial issue bubbling it to the surface for it to be dealt with once and for all.  take back your power!  Making a salad is easy and take zero effort, it takes less energy and helps you to realize that perhaps you should have been doing this years ago, but don't feel guilty about that, embrace the NOW and choose from moment to moment that you can do it and you can eliminate the crap.
Allow your body to breathe a sigh of relief and eat foods which are as close to nature intended as possible.  As one great health food expert said (aka David Wolfe) Do it now, do it now, do it now!